Burning Man

Location: Blackrock City

July/August 2015

Black Rock City is maybe the hardest city to describe and explain.. because none of your usual rules apply there, and it’s something you’ve never seen before and you have nothing to compare it to, and also because each person will have a completely different experience there. So each experience is unique and it really does reflect well what Burning Man is, an unique event in an unique place.

We wanted to go there since maybe 4 years, and this roadtrip was the perfect opportunity to try, it was really last minute because we bought the last chance tickets in August! We were so excited, and scared at the same times! You have to be really prepared to go there, you need to have all the right equipment in order to be self-sufficiant. The living conditions are pretty hard because you’re in an inhospitable desert with no waters ( you have to bring your own) and many dust storms! so bring some good googles! This year was especially cold during the night (5° celcius) and we had more dust storm than usual apparently but still… don’t get us wrong it was an unforgettable experience ! This place is beyond expectations, you’re surprised every minutes by what you see and by the kindness of people there, for exemple there is no money system, everything is based on gifting and sharing with your fellow burners..most of people are very helpful if you’re in need!

We wanted to go there mostly for the art shows in the middle of the desert (the playa) like for instance you can find an old cinema , a fortune teller, a hug delie or a giant full-rigged ship on wheels in the middle of nowhere, it’s insane, but in a good way! and there is also plenty of activities during the day time from the simplest one like Yoga or making your own umbrella to the kinkiest one like spanking lessons! there’s something for every taste!
The essentials accesories to bring are… crazy costumes, dare to dress in what you’ve always dreamed of, a samurai, a circus dancer, a rabbit ninja or a kawai princess, an Amazone! Everything is permitted there! you will quickely get a taste for it! And also very important accessory… the bike! because that’s how you get from one place to an other, Burning Man is very respectul of the ecological system and one of the most important motto there is «Leave no trace» so, no cars or motorbikes!

To sum up, we advise to anyone who dreamed of going to Burning Man to do it, you won’t regret it, just be well prepared and enjoy the experience with no judgement, be open minded, and share with others. (Oh and also if you can save enough money, rent an R.V, even a small one… .it will make life much more easier there!).