Sweet life in Seattle

Location: Seattle

July/August 2015

First, let’s set the record straight… it doesn’ t rain that much in Seattle, actually we had a really sunny and warm week there! The Emerald city (in reference to the lush evergreen forests of the areas) is very famous for the Space Needle, Starbuck, and its distinction as the birthplace of grunge! (Hi Kurt!) but you should really go there also for the great outdoors, beaches and lakes that surrounds the city, the kindness of its people and its great laidback quality of life.

We had the chance to stay in Capitol Hill and it’s one of the best spot in Seattle, various restaurants and cool shops, concept stores and coffees.. we were agreably surprised that a lot of things are foot distance, for exemple from Capitol Hill to downtown it’s only 20min walk! An other thing that really amazed us is the number of dogs! It really is a dog people city, there’s more dogs than children , and that’s why this is one of the best city in the world:) logically there’s many pet shops everywhere!

We also went to the famous ebullient Pike Place Market, overlooking Elliott Bay, where you can buy beautiful flowers, and awesome sea food, donuts and much more! Pioneer Square is also a must, that’s the old city, the look is completely different with red bricks and railroads, it’s the historic parts of Seattle and there is also a bunch of very cool shops and cofee places that we discovered there! For the nature lovers, Seattle is paradise, you can rent a kayak, or go paddling in Lake Washington, go hiking in the forest, and not far you also have Discovery Park wich is a great place with various possibilities ! Beautifuls view points, beaches, large grassy plains, forest….In short Seattle is an awesome city to visit or to live, and as you can read, we really had a big crush on it!