The Girl From Ipanema

LOCATION : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

August 2014

This journey in Brasil dating back from summer 2014 was one of our first trip together, and it gave us the idea to start our project, to share our favorite spots around the world and capture the beauty of the country we’re visiting. But from all our travels it’s one of our biggest crush ! There’s no other place like Rio. It’s a combination of many things that we find so captivating, Buzzing city, Golden beaches, Pristine waters and lush mountains…the perfect playground for landscapes photographers ! The light is so special, always changing but stunning. 

The Cidade Maravihosa (Marvelous City), as Brazilians call it, displays a unique blend of contrasts: a bustling metropolis amidst beautiful mountain ranges, rain forests and wetlands, tremendous wealth amidst crushing poverty, old traditions juxtaposed with desires for modernity. All of the thriving life and diversity of Rio de Janeiro is showcased between the outstretched arms of Cristo Redentor, the statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain overlooking the city.