On the Nile

Location: The Nile River, from Louxor to Aswan

February 2016

Everything started with a photography contest for the french travel agency Voyageur du Monde… we won the cruise in Egypte on the Steam Ship Sudan, one of the last steamer still working. Egypte is not a destination that we would have choosen in the first place because it suffers from a bad reputation this last few years, terrorism, plane crash… but our mind totally changed after this amazing journey along the Nile…Egyptian are very kind and you can see how much they love their country, we fell in love with the many wonders of Egypt, the temples Philae, Karnak…and all the daily sceneries along the river, fisherman, farmers, kids playing with animals…

We had a beautiful suite at the front ” Lady Duff Gordon » with a panoramic view , the sunrise were truly magical, we used to wake up every morning at 6 a.m, just to get this sweet light..this feeling, to be still in bed and gazing through those huge bay windows, it’s unforgettable ! The main impression of all this trip, is a very peaceful, relaxing and sweet atmosphere. It’s crazy how much you get attached to this boa, how much you can feel the history, we were really sad to leave it, but we’ll keep it in our heart forever.